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Grammy E

Those were beautiful and toughing words. Happy birthday to her. And I can see she learned from the best. You are an awesome mom.
Take care
Grammy E


Happy birthday!


Wonderful family. How lucky you are. And I love the pic. Good pun.

Eldest child

That was very sweet Mom, thank you.


Happy birthday to Jenna. That photo was just about the cutest thing around. Big sister, big responsibility is writteh all over it. LOL

Our weather is in the 70's. A little cool at night, but beautiful during the day. So now I know what two feet of snow looks like!

Junie Rose


That was just the most beautiful poem to you daughter, Jenna!

How lucky her little sisters and brother were to have her...and now the little ones coming along too!

Hope her birthday was a happy one-and hope you all had great Valentine's Day too.



Dear Joy ~~ What a beautiful tribute to your dear Jenna and I hope she had a wonderful birthday.
Your poem is so lovely and I am sure she was pleased by it. I hope
you had a great Valentine's day also.
Thanks for your comments about my
purple flowers. They are nice and brighten my day. Take care dear friend, Love, Merle.


I could have sworn I left a happy birthday message to Jenna the other day. Since I must have failed to hit send I guess it ended up in cyberspace.

So I will wish Jenna a belated happy birthday. Mother and daughter are so lucky to have each other as are all the siblings and the niece and nephew.

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