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Mary Cary

Oh Joyful! I'm having a slow day at work and decided to stalk you - and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but another grandbaby - Yipeee! Give me the lowdown missy - they look very happy and content, which they should be with you as their grandma. How many is that now? Are you even in the running with Emily? xoxoxoxo

Kay Dennison

It could be worse -- you could be a Browns fan like me!!! And I'm definite hollering for the Packers in the Super Bowl. Family loyalty aside, I cheer for *anybody* but the Steelers.


Hell they just played like Dallas


Nothing, but NOTHING can stop my Packers!!! Sorry about those teddy bears, tho... (I grew up 20 miles from G.Bay--you can't blame me for prejudice, can you?)

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