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Kay Dennison

Hmmmmmmmmmmm My mother is from Wisconsin. She is one of eight kids. Subsequently, I am the daughter, grandaughter, niece, and cousin of countless Packer fans. And I love brats and beer.

I will, however, wish your team lots of luck. I have a soft spot for the Bears because I have a soft spot for Hall of Famer Alan Page who played for them. He is from my town here and is one of the nicest guys around.

I always have dilemma when these teams meet.

Alan G

Oh my, oh my, oh my....

I never thought I would ever be at odds with you. Not you of all people. I have to think you just got to worn out with all the holiday festivities of the past month and perhaps are just mentally worn out. I mean, why else....

Just get some rest and when you are reading about the Packer win tomorrow in the newspaper you will surely realize the error of your ways.

Have a great day Joy and enjoy the game - Good Luck! xoxo


Because the Philadelphia Eagles are out of the running( Pun intended)I am rooting for DA BEARZ.

My two grandsons are ardent Bear Fans and I am hoping for a Bears victory against the Packers.

Then on to the SUPER BOWL.....


Chris Taus

Does anyone know the teams that were dubbed the "black and blue league"? I know it was the Packers, Bears, Vikings and one other but I can' remember.


I'm not a sports fan so I will comment on the 'I fixed it' photos. Too funny !!!! I especially loved the Pringles tube connecting the pipes.

The guy who used a garden rake to roast lots of hot dogs at the same time was very innovative. :-)

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