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Every single moment is precious. Thank you for sharing them with us. What a wonderful family! Hugs, Val


Wow! And more wows in the coming year!

Tara R.

What fabulous holiday memories you and your family created. Wonderful photos! Your grandbabies are adorable.


You outdid yourself. Wonderful poem and wonderful photos. The kids faces simply shine with anticipation of the day.

Now rest and take care and have a wonderful New Year.


Happy New Year, Joy!

Pictures so lovely, so fun. And that wee babe -- too precious -- made me smile and smile and smile.


I felt as if I were there sharing the excitement and joy of having your family together for a wonderful holiday. You do have some precious memories and your poem said it all.

Happy New Year, Joy.

What a wonderful post. Thanks so much for sharing your holiday. I loved it.
We have a sister and brother red heads in our family. I always have wished they would have had another child to see if those two blonde parents would produce a third red head.


Great post-Great family.
The more the better I say.It looks as if you had better.Good luck in the New Year.


Aunt Joy,
Love your pictures and poem-- I have been asking all the DJs for pictures via Facebook but your creation is the best of all! So sad that we couldn't be there-- it brings back great memories of family get togethers when we all were the tots excited for Christmas!! Love you!!


Dear Joy,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It's amazing how we have all continued blogging through all the changes swirling around us!
Best wishes, and a very Happy New Year!
PS - what glorious pictures.


Joy, this has to be one of your all-time best posts. such love in all of these photos and your sweet poem. so glad you had a wonderful visit with the kids and grandkids. you must be one pooped Grandma...and i know every moment of it was worth it! ;) Happy New Year! much love. xoxo


The aches and pains were totally worth it by the looks. Glad you had a great Christmas.

Junie Rose


For some strange reason I have not left a comment for this, although I looked at it and read about your Christmas days ago!!

Oh well- lol- Just want to say I really enjoyed seeing all your family pictures and it looks like you all had a lot of fun together. I also liked your poem very much!

Hope your new year is going well!



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