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Oh, Joy! You crack me up!!Where on earth do you come up with all your really great stuff? I'll be chuckling--and forwarding--all day!


Yes. Where do you find all this stuff?
P.S. My cat and dog really liked these cartoons too.


cute. :)


These are just hilarious. What a hoot! Thanks for a good laugh.


These dog jokes were so funny. They only missed one..

"Two fleas were going out for the evening and one said to the other."Shall we walk or take the dog?"


Those are the funniest I have ever seen.

While learning to operate my new MAC I felt just like "the farmer in the Dell"

Alan G

I think these little cartoons are absolutely hilarious, especially the take-off on the AAA meeting.

Of course, what's not to love about the 'stray' bar! :)

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