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Kay Dennison

I suffer from both, too! It's a mixed blessing.


Every year I add a couple of children to my gift list. Just can't help it. We don't have many small children in our family, so I just keep finding more. And that makes a lot of work for me, because I like to make lots of my gifts. Each year, I decide not to do this any more, but never stop. We have young twins and a new baby next door. We're not even friends, only friendly, but I'm adding them to my list. I guess you just do what you do, and that's it.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and enjoy your family!!



Giggle, when you raise that many kids, you aren't supposed to get flustered when they come to town. Geez.

As far as listing things to do and losing sleep, I have made a choice NOT to do that and either do it then or not do it. No one has died from it yet.


I'm trying not to panic. That's my approach as all my relatives bear down on me at once this holiday.


Mmm, I see a bit of myself in all of this. I hate lying in bed thinking about all that I have to do when I'd be much better of just resting and then getting on with it when I get up.


Dear Joy ~~ Try to stay calm - so long as you have enough beds and chairs and food, I am sure your family won't want any more than that. There is so much love in your home,they will be happy to be together and see you (not all worn out with lack of sleep)and all put in to help with the things that need to be done.
Thank you so much for your kind comments about my health and my flowers. The rain has spoiled a lot of them now, so lucky I took
the photos when I did.
Take great care dear Joy, snd don't worry so much. Love, Merle.


well who the heck wants to grow up?! certainly not ME! ;) sounds like you're WAY ahead of the game...look at all you've accomplished and it's barely December! remind yourself daily of what you included here...the kids don't care about all of the doodads...they just want to be with YOU. procrastination is NOT the same thing as relaxation...don't forget to take a few minutes every day just for YOU to sit and have a cup of whatever you like and just BE. ;) xoxo


You are way ahead of the game, lady! (And yes, you can be both anal retentive and a procrastinator.) I believe my procrastinator's winning out lately. Sigh.


You are so far in front of the crowd Joy, no wonder you're concerned.

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