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What cute pictures. Thanks for sharing.
We had about 20 kids this year - better than 6 last year. But I still have candy left, and we don't eat much in the way of candy.

Kay Dennison

Great photos!!!!!

I had just enough. We had lotsa kids this year.


Thank you for the mention, Joy.

I was one of those Grinches who turned my porch light off because I forgot to buy any candy. Maybe I was subconsciously remembering last year when I gained a couple of pounds eating Snicker bars because I didn't have a single kid.


Yeah, started turning out my light on Halloween several years ago. Sorry, 'cause always enjoyed the kids, but none coming. At least I don't have all the left over sweets to consume.


When I first moved here 45 years ago every house on our street had 4 or 5 children, so on Halloween we were swamped with kids. It was great fun because you knew most of them and had a good time guessing who they were.

All of those kids were grown up and gone by 1985 and you could hear a pin drop on our street for 10 years. Then,in 1995, like magic every time one of us old timers moved out a young family with a few kids moved in and Halloween became fun again.

We had a lot of kids on Halloween and I had one piece of candy left over and the next day when the UPS guy brought me a big package I gave him the last Butterfinger.


Joy and Darlene: Thanks for the laughs!
That third photo looks like Obama being harassed by Tea Partiers.

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