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Liv is an adorable baby, but you already know that, don't you? I know traveling alone is hard; been there, done that. But the reward at the end makes it all so worthwhile. I know you will be on Cloud 9 when you hold Liv for the first time.

Enjoy that sweet grandchild and forget all the rest of the irritations.


Oh, I am so excited for you. I just came back from a wonderful week in California. The trip met my every expectation. I made wonderful new friends while there. I'd love to go back sometime.

Now going to see a new granddaughter makes it all worthwhile. I'm so glad one of your other daughters will be there to meet you.

A couple of years ago I decided to replace my garage door. It hadn't quite started rotting, but I wa due for a new one. I had to move all that "stuff" too so they could get in to work. Have fun.


How neat that you can spend time with your grandbaby to imprint yourself on her so early in her life. I think that is important and worth what a person has to go through to do it.

Good luck with the garage. We are talking of what we must get rid of also and no easy answers although we are thinking of a dumpster rental!


Wonderful you're heading to Calif. and a visit with that grandchild. Am sure you'll have a "grand" time!

I know what you mean about flying, but, probably, you can, at least, get a direct flight. Seems no matter where I want to go I end up having to go through Atlanta, or the one time I didn't -- the best trip and it was on Jet Blue -- was to N.Y.C. to change planes. How I long for the days when flying was a real pleasure. I'd travel a lot more if it was like it used to be, because I really enjoy flying.


Dear Joy ~~ Not long now until you meet the lovely Liv. Try not to worry too much about flying, just go with the flow. And the trip will be well worth it. Sorry you have the expense of a new garage door and
the work to move things, and then get rid of some.
I am glad you liked the pics of some of my family and they sure have grown up quickly. They like to hear about things they said and did when they were small.
The garden is looking nice and we are due for nice weather to make things grow. Take care, dear friend. Love, Merle.


Besides having the Got Junk truck (or the dumpster bag people, which I recommend) pick up your stuff, you could hire someone to hold a garage sale for you... there are people who do that, too - which I find better than tossing good stuff to the junk people and not only paying them to take it but knowing they're going to profit from it a second time bugs me.

Safe travels! It will be fine and well worth it.


Be safe -have a good trip-love that baby lots


Dear Joy,

Enjoy your trip to the Golden State to meet your new Golden girl,Liv..How I envy you a new Grandchild.

I am expecting two Great Grandchildren and I am on top of the World about that..

I followed your advice and read Jory's blog about her planning how to be a nursing Mother and an Executive at her company.I must say, she is taking a wonderful,level headed and positive approach to what could be
an uncomfortable situation. She has thought it through and, relying on her experiences with other young nursing Moms,she has decided to enjoy the baby,the nursing,and the job. That is quite a challenge,but I'm sure she will come right to the top and continue to be the successful young business woman she has made herself with this type of positive attitude....I wish her every success and happiness..


It is a wonderful thing that you can be there with the new little one. We are having so much fun with our three in Seattle now and so grateful that they all live in the same town.


when you get to the airport, just hold an image in your mind of what's waiting for you on the other end...because i suspect you could probably fly there on excitement alone...who needs a plane?! ;) xoxo

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