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Live is darling and I love how you wrote about her and her mom and dad. It is special when you see your child with his or her child!


What fun to read this post! On my flight to Sacramento they had run out of food by the time they got to my row too. I was not happy...bought a snack pack. I won't do that again.

Reading your post, one can tell how much you enjoyed meeting this new little granddaughter. Right now I'm in Virginia, enjoying Ella. She has grown and changed so much in the 2 months since I last saw her.

Will be looking forward to more about Liv. I'm sure I can count on that.


Oh Joy, what a wonderful post (except for the plane problems). I'm so glad you had this time to spend with your loved ones and that sweet sweet baby. I have a friend who has a daughter in Phoenix and he hates flying. He takes the train and LOVES it. Yes it takes longer but its relaxed. If you go first class like he does, you have your own compartment, complete with your own bathroom. He says its the only way to go if about 8 hours difference doesn't bother you. Maybe this is something you could look into. Myself, I've never flown as I'm terrified to. I need to introduce you to my blogger friend who lives in Oakland. She's a wonderful person....just like YOU. xo


oh, Joy, this post is just brimming with love. i'm SO glad you came out to see Liv. sounds like you had a wonderful visit with all of them (despite any early plane delays). and since our little granddaughter just graced us with her presence for several days, i know first-hand how hard it must have been to say goodbye. re Liv paying close attention to what you were saying...i have no doubt she understood you perfectly...babies KNOW. ;) xo


Sorry you had plane problems when flying is NOT your thing, but the rainbow at the end was worth it for sure. She looks gorgeous and the parents look happy.

Tara R.

Liv is a real cutie, I can see why you would be smitten with her.

I've been lucky, and haven't had to endure flight delays like that. Probably another good reason I don't travel by plane very often.


What can I say--You are one lucky lady!


Aren't babies wonderful? They are by far my favorite people. I'm so glad you had such a great week. I guess maybe it was worth the extra 2 hours on the plane.


So, you going to move out to SF? Oh, but then what would your other daughter do? Well, you do have adorable grandchildren, and so do I.
In my case I'm glad everyone is at least in one place, Seattle, for now. Hope that does not change.
Sorry about the plane trip from Hell. We love the Hawaii-Seattle hop. We always come in around 10:00 p.m, take the limousine to our little condo, drop our suitcases and immediately walk over to our favorite late happy hour place for a pizza and a beer. That's our reward for spending five hours in the tube of pain. Then we get to see everyone the next day!

Cop Car

Welcome home, Joy. If you move to SFO would you take me with you? I worked there for the better part of a year (1989-1990) just prior to moving back to Kansas. I loved it!


Dearest Joy ~~ I am so sorry you had all that worry with the plane,
but it was OK in the end and to see your loved ones at the end. Liv is one beautiful baby and is well loved by so many of you. It isn't very long until Christmas either. She will have grown heaps by then. I am sure your week was wonderful and went by too quickly.
I was glad my doctor report was good, and you must go to yours
soon and get your mind relieved
too. I have to see about my anuerysm soon too.
Take care, dear friend. Love, Merle.

Junie Rose

Dear Joy,

So happy to hear about your visit with your new baby girl and to see all the pictures! I know the time spent with your kids more than made up for the problems of the flight!

Liv is a beautiful little one!




Oh my, that airplane adventure was a nightmare. I am so glad that you made it both there and back safely.

Mostly though, I am so happy that you had such a wonderful time with family.

Joy, I love your writing. You brought me right along with you and I could almost feel that baby in my arms.

Now take care, rest a little, and get rid of all those body aches.

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