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LOVE the cartoons and I'm stealing at least one of them!!

I think it might be time to trade in your car!


I am so sorry about your car. What else is going to go wrong? I hope nothing.

Thanks for the laugh. I think even God and Jesus would be laughing.


The one about the Three Wise men made me wonder what it would have been like if it had been the Three Wise Women.I suppose they would have:

Asked for directions..
Brought practical gifts..
Cleaned up the stable and..
Had dinner cooking before the Three Wise Men got there....


Um now you're just joshing me about your car. That could NOT have happened.


These cartoons are very fine!!

Joy, my mother-in-law had a similar adventure with her car about twenty years ago, but THE WHOLE DOOR came off. She did not attempt to put it back on.

Tara R.

Your car has definitely been possessed by gremlins. What next?!

I love that last cartoon and the 'bumper sticker.'


Good grief, Charlie Brown! What is it with your pride and joy Prius???


Thanks for the mention, Joy.

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