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Trees certainly do have their own art forms, don't they. I was so taken by the live oaks when I visited St. Simons Island and Savannah this year.

So true...only God.


Love the tree pics


Beautiful photos and yes, art indeed.
I too love Joyce Kilmer's Trees.
However, it will always be spoiled by this parody that I remember from high school days.

I think that I shall never see
A boy that quite appeals to me.
A boy that wears his shirt-tail in
And doesn't have a stupid grin.
But boys are loved by fools like me.
And who on earth would date a tree.

Now I hope I have not spoiled it for you, too. I just had to send it your way.


What beautiful pictures. Thanks. And I've always loved that poem too. We had to memorize it in high school, and I can still recite it.



I have always loved that poem and, like the others, can still recite it from memory.

The last picture is lovely. Someone with a wonderful sense of style trimmed that tree...


I too am a tree lover. Beautiful tree photos. Thanks

Some of them look like the massive, magnificent live oaks that grow on Sea Island and St Simons Island Georgia.they can live to be hundreds of years old.


I love trees, too, and always wish I had a camera with me when I see a particularly beautiful one.

Thanks for all of the great photos!


Dear Joy ~~ I love that poem and have a little framed copy of it, and I love trees too - they are so beautiful. The photos are so unusual and really great.
I am glad Julie was home for a couple of days, and Jory has done well with Blogher. You have some talented kids there my friend.
Thanks for your comments 0 the gadget John has relieves my mind a lot - he is 56 but goes for these long rides. Always nice to see family and I do
appreciate all my cousins the older we all get. Take good care dear Joy.
Much love, Merle.

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