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Happy Blogiversary! Five years is a long time in the blogworld, isn't it? But, every time I think about quitting, I just can't do it. Go figure.


Well, happy, happy number 5. I need to copy that poem and save it for next year when Ella turns five. This year on the deay ofher birthday, she told everyone in the grocery store, "Now I'm four."

I'm so glad you started blogging, and I do appreciate your e-mails after I've commented.


Dear Joy ~~ Congrats on being Five!!! Five years of lovely blogs and photos and sharing your lovely family stories with us. I consider you one of my dearest friends Joy and I thank you for that friendship we have shared for so many years.
Thanks for your comments and I am sure we will all get on OK. Warren is coming with Peter and we all get on well. I would like to be fitter, but not possible at
this time. I loved your poem for
your dear Grandma's Eyes. Lovely.
Take care dear Joy and keep on blogging. Lots of Love, Merle.

Tara R.

I have made some wonderful friends through blogging. Friends who have supported me through some tough time. I love them like sisters, or brothers... This really is an amazing community.

Congrats on your fifth anniversary!


Joy, when I celebrate my 6th blogiversary, I'm going to steal this post and put it on my blog. It sums up exactly how i feel about blogging. Although I started my blog before dire trouble in my life (mr. kenju's stroke), it helped me get through it and I still love blogging and reading about all you other wonderful people!!


Happy fifth!
I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas.


I hope I make it yo one year.


Congratulations Lady! I'm so glad you found blogging and wonderful friends.


Happy Blogaversary! I just celebrated my sixth in May, and even though the blog world is shrinking (thank you very much, facebook) I hesitate to give up. I don't know how long we've been reading each other's blogs, but it must be a long time. My "safety net" was recipes. I love to cook, and love to share.

Thank you for being my blog friend. I value your comments, and your friendship.


Happy Blogiversary to one of the sweetest bloggers on the Internet.

Your blog is always such a joy to read, even when it's about the dark days in your life. Your shining optomism comes through and I consider you a dear blog friend.


Joy: You are a true friend, even though we have never met face to face. You and your daughters inspire me greatly.
For those of us who really take to blogging, there is nothing like it. It seems to enhance our lives to no end.
You have done a magnificent job of SURVIVING, Joy. Congratulations!


Congratualtions! I think five years is a wonderful achievement and I remember reading those early posts of yours five years ago.


Joy, happy belated blogiversary. I think I say every year around this time that I 'met' you when you started blogging because I was reading Jory's blog. Here's hoping for at least another five years blogging from you.


Congratulations on your 5th Blogiversary!

I've certainly enjoyed reading your blog. These cartoons and stories you've related this time are not only funny, but prove life is stranger than fiction.

Suppose you've seen the news item about the British woman putting the live cat in a dumpster which she says was intended to be a joke.

I've been most appreciative of the warm welcome and continued support you've provided me since I suddenly and unexpectedly undertook writing my own blog. I've since blogged erratically but not because I burned out.

Do keep blogging!

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