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I love the graphic at the bottom. Is this Jory's first baby?


Was she wearing high heels??? I can't believe it.

Congrats on the baby and I hope the birth goes smoothly.

Tara R.

Jory looks radiant! I can only imagine who well attended her baby will be once she arrives. She'll have 2,400 aunties and uncles doting on her.

I didn't get to attend BH10 and missed visiting with all my blogging pals. I was there in spirit though, and some of my photos were used in the 'Make it Count' presentation. Maybe I'll make it in '11.


Oh Joy this is very exciting. Thanks for the photos of Jory, she is looking very well. Not long now!!! :D


How I wish I could have been there. Maybe some day...


You were missed, Joy. And they put on a fantastic event this year, just like always.

Jory Des Jardins

Ma, you got the play by play. This was the first BlogHer where I made sure I sat down for an hour. It was only an hour, but hey, it's progress. And yes, I felt like I had 1,000+ moms there telling me to put my feet up. It was great!


She looks radiant and very happy.
Tell her Poohpa said take it easy.

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