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Perfect blog for us oldies.


All good! I laughed (even though I've seen them before). The one about the 15 pounds fits me to a Tee!!


Your best yet! Where do you get this stuff?
Not long ago I read almost a whole novel before I realized I had read it before.

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Hi, I’m 53 years old, and I was using computers before many of today’s thirtysomethings were out of elementary school. For me, being old doesn't mean that you will not going to explore today's technology.

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I couldn't help but smile on this. It's actually cute. My 70 years old granny always ask me to teach her on how to use the computer so she can send mail to her grandchildren from the other side of the world. I said, you don't need that there's already Facebook. You get more updated with your grandchildren's pictures and what they are doing.

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