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From watching her travel schedule, they would HAVE to be very organized in order to procreate.

How nice for them - and you.


How very exciting! Congratulations to all!


I read about the news on her blog and just knew that you'd be over the moon. I can also sense your excitement in this post. Congrats Grandma.


The only thing better than grand kids is more grand kids. Good luck to all and congrats--Poohpa


Big, big, big congratulations to all the "J's"! How exciting! Such wonderful news, Joy!


I was beginning to think she was never going to tell! xoxox!


Oh, Joy, congratulations to Jory and Jesse and your whole family.

A new baby is the very best news a Grandma can receive.

Enjoy,and look forward to your visit to see the new little one in October.


This is wonderful news!!! I couldn't be happier if it was one of my own. Big hugs to everyone! I'm sorry I've forgotten.....are they in California too? I know you wish they were close. Happy news, Joy. God Bless!!


Congratulations to everyone. I know how exciting this must be for the new mom and dad to be and I sort of get the feeling that 'grandma' is all a-twitter with anticipation.

There is nothing in the whole world more thrilling that a new baby in the family. I am so happy for all of you.


Dear Joy ~~ What wonderful news and how excited you all must be. A new baby is wonderful for a family.
Thank you so much for the Birthday
greetings and your sweet words.
Thank you for your friendship and love my dear friend. I feel the same way about you and so close.
Good luck to the pregnant Jory, and October will get here soon enough.
Take care, dear Joy, Love, Merle.




congratulations to all of you. What a wonderful event to look forward to.


Junie Rose

Oh, Joy! This is wonderful news for all of you!! :)

I know you are thrilled!!



Elizabeth Michel

Joy, I'm at Jesse and Jory's right now, and Jory is definitely looking pregnant! They're both very excited and happy. Arnie and I are of course excited too. There should be a special word for what you and I are going to be--co-grandmas? Since I'm closer geographically, I'll fill in until you can fly out. Come mid-September, I'll be packed and ready to drive up as soon as they want me here.



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