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Kay Dennison

Fascinating!!!!! Thanks!!!


Methinks you underestimate your art skills. I believe that painting, pastels, etc, can be learned. Like a musical instrument. You don't expect to pick up a cello and be fluent, you shouldn't expect the same from painting.
Take some classes, then practice, practice, practice. As with your writing you will develop your own style and you will have the Joy of Art!


Can I buy him?

Tara R.

Very intriguing. Maybe not something I would seek out, but definitely a talented artist.

Cop Car

Joy--That guy should work on Stephen King movies.

If I were to have one artistic talent, I would wish to be able to sing beautifully. (It's not going to happen in this life...but....
Cop Car


That stuff doesn't appeal to me at all. I do like moss, but seeing it grow on a human is just weird.


Interesting - but the only conclusion I draw from this work is this guy really doesn't like the way he looks.

Strikes me as a form of radical make-up. Still a most interesting post - that bit of an essay about why he does what he does makes me think he should probably switch to writing. It's a solitary business that frees one from worrying about how they look. Some 'modern' art I find more disconcerting than intriguing although the one with the wood strips or tape does appeal to me in some weird way.


Strange art form. I don't appreciate it at all. But that's just me.

shox tl3

wow, this make-ups became more terrible from the first picture to the last

Air Jordan 2009

it's too terrible, I do not like any of them ,sorry

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