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Kay Dennison

Awwwwwwwwww shucks!!!! Thank you!!!!

Tara R.

Thank you so much to thinking of me. THIS made me happy.

Loved your list, I'll have to agree with you on baby scent and goo-speak. Just the thought of it brings a smile.


Thank you Happy Happy Joy Joy.


Thank you for the award, Joy, and for your kind comments. I deeply appreciate having you for a friend. You are one of the nicest blog people on the Internet. I will accept my award after I get over my procedure today.

Junie Rose

Thank you, Joy, for including me as one of your 10 to give this award to!

I will follow thru on this on my blog soon!




Congratulations on your award and goo people that you passed to.


Thanks, Joy. I've been without my computer for a few days. I will get right on this after another post that I need to get up.

Junie Rose


Thanks for the award!

I finally got it posted and followed thru- ( with small shortcuts) It's funny but just about ALL our blog friends become favorites so it's hard to pick just a few- but I did it! :)




Hey Joy! Thanks for your comment on my latest blog post. I always love finding you at my site! I must say that it was really and truly right that you won the Happiness Award! No one deserves it more than you. Your blog is always full of hope and *joy-fullness* even through times that seem challenging.
So I raise my coffee cup to you, this early morning and say: "Happy Days Ahead!"


Hi, Joy,
I'm finally going to get aruond to posting this later today or tomorrow!

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