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I saw your blog in Darlene’s hodgepodge and came to pay you a visit. The book your daughter wrote looks intriguing. She must be quite a scientist – or a writer. I think women scientists have not been appreciated enough. Your blog looks very interesting and I’ll come back to read more of your posts.


Congratulations to your daughter. And to Bella. And I'm sure your Dad is watching.

Average Jane

Excellent! I've been looking forward to her book since she and I talked about it at BlogHer last summer. It's now on my Amazon wishlist so I'll remember to buy it as soon as it goes on sale.


How sweet for everybody! (and I mean sweet, not suh-weet.)


Joy - you gave me chills! What accomplished daughters you have...must be all that good mothering they got! :)


My eyes are swimming.


Oh Joy....your whole family knocks MY socks off! I can only imagine how proud you must be of Julie...a published author! many of us have dreamed of someday writing a book...but she did it!! And twice! Big big hugs Joy...I wish I could do it in person so you could just feel how happy I am for Julie and for you. God Bless. xo


Her book is in! Her book is in! I need a copy!

Berkie's wife

I'll put my order in to Amazon today! My PhD is in plants sciences. I'm glad she included Barbara McClintock and wish she inclulded Rosalind Franklin. I taught for a time in East coast womens colleges, also published books and papers(jointly with my husband) and had 2 brothers who discouraged me from going into science because I was a woman. Indeed!


Hi Berkie's wife,

I'm so glad you're ordering this's TOTALLY up your alley. I think you're going to really enjoy it. Rosalind Franklin is Chapter 5! The Politics of Partnering & Prize Winning (I think that's the correct title) interaction with all the men she worked with, etc.

Thanks so much Berkie's wife....take care....and congratulations to you on all you've accomplished yourself. ~Joy

Cop Car

Congratulations to you and to your amazing family, Joy!

Paul Nichols

Congratulations to your Julie. You have every right to be proud. I don't blame you, either. And I don't blame you for tooting your Bella's horn, too.

I'd like to read the book. I'll look for it.

By the way, my brother's birthday is Feb 4, too. (Two days before mine.)


What an honour for Bella. And what a fantastic subject Julie has written about. I can feel your proudness through this post too.


That's wonderful! I hope the book sells very well!

I know what you mean about your dad. I often wish he had lived long enough to know his great-grandkids; he would have been blown away by them!

Junie Rose

Dear Joy,

You have a family to be very proud of! I'm happy for you all.




If I had published author for a daughter my head would grow three sizes. Congratulations to Julie, her amazing Mom and her cutie daughter.


You have every right to be so proud of your daughter and grand daughter. I am looking forward to reading the new book and particularly the dedication page for Bella's name.


Dear Joy ~~ How wonderful for your daughter Julie to have her second book publishes. Bella is priceless
and is enjoying the dedication. Julie will now have to write another for Bastion.. Was her first dedicated to you? I imagine it would be, You have a wonderful family and can be really proud of them all. Your Dad would have been so proud too. Much love, my friend, Merle.

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