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Tara R.

I haven't even begun thinking about Christmas shopping. I do need to get started on getting items for the kids' Advent calendars. Those are fun to fill. A bit harder to find little gifts now that they are so much older.

Loved the ponderisms, especially the cow and chicken ones.


I applaud you! Wow. I have taken care of two on my list already and thought I was ahead....but to be finished? Wow, I'm speechless and very proud of you!! Because of money being so tight, our gifts are at a minimum, with the very young getting the most. My joy is to see the happiness on their little faces anyway... that's worth a fortune. I have come down to only setting out an 'old world Santa' by the doorway and a table top Christmas tree with lights on it. All the other decorations are just too much work anymore for this old girl. They will eventually get passed down to the granddaughters one day so they can make their houses look like Hallmark someday when they are grown. However I really do like the outside lights, they are so pretty. I'm hoping that my son will put those up for me again. Take care dear friend. Keep warm.

Kay Dennison

My Christmas shopping take about 45 minutes.

I go to the bank, buy gift cards in the amount(s) I can afford, put them in Christmas cards, and go to the Post Office. Not creative or fun but since I don't see my grandsons, it makes sense that Eric and Jen can get what they like/need.

I hate Christmas. I'm gonna go cry now.


My Christmas shopping will be done in one fell swoop - a trip to the credit union for gift cards for all the grandkids. Their wants far outstrip my knowledge of what and where to get it - so a card is best for them - and for me.


Huh - Christmas shopping. My least favourite part of the year. I wouldn't think of throwing stones at you Joy!


Ha! People growled at me when I said I had started mine months ago. Now I can say I know someone who is done. ;)


Wah. You're finished? And you're not decorating? And and and, wah! ;-)


I'm with Kay and Kenju. Because I was barely able to walk, much less shop, last year I just sent a check. It was so easy I am doing that again this year. It isn't as much fun, but it's all I can do. I don't drive and the grocery store is now my shopping mall.

The same goes for decorating. I will put a few large favorite ornaments on my table tops and that's it. No one comes to see my house anyhow.

I must add that I am happy for you that Halloween and Christmas are so much fun and admire your being so organized.


Natural foods! That's a good one. I've never trusted Mother Nature anyway.

Paul Nichols

Oh, shoot! And I was going to let you know what I'd like. Too late, I guess. But wait'll next year!

Cop Car

Bah! Humbug! Christmas? What are you - some sort of nut? (I'm sorry. I just had to say that!) If I were religious, I would be offended by so much "commercialization" of a holy day. Since I'm not, I just wonder what all of the fuss is about.

Some of your witty pieces are a little baudy, did you notice? Cute!

Thanks, Joy, for your joyous and warm postings!


Dear Joy ~~ Well done my friend, finished already. I acquire things all year so have quite a lot of mine done too, but not finished.
Thank you so much for your sweet words about part of my family. They
live 5 hours away so we don't get together often, hence the extra excitement. We all enjoyed the visit. Take car dear friend, Love
always, Merle.

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