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Kay Dennison

All I can say is, "WOW"! But I doubt if I could live in any of them!


I couldn't live in any of them. In the first one, I'd be afraid I'd walk in my sleep, and I wouldn't like the upscale igloo (the last one).


Joy, I have a feeling that a few of those don't really exist where they are shown here. I think they are photoshopped. Sorry.


Numbers one and five terrify me. I guess we will have to check with Snopes if Kenju is right. They are surreal photos.

Richard Boles

LOL!! I enjoyed reading your notes and I couldn't stop laughing at #4! Anyway, were those houses real, they would have had serious problems. But since they aren't (right?), your leaky roof still beats all house woes.


Beautiful illustration of risk and house, that I saw many times without to know its origine. Could you please give me the source of this image?
Thank you!

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