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Kay Dennison



My cat owns this house:


I can't believe them! Although the last one IS cute!


"I wonder if any of these dogs are behind in their payments."


I can just picture a bunch of dogs running down the street looking for short sales and foreclosures.

Their broker will be a big Rottweiler and he will be busy chasing all the little Yorkies out of their houses.....


And I thought children's playhouses were bad. This is beyond ridiculous.


amazing what people spend their money on.


I've been thinking of downsizing. Are any of these abodes available???

Tara R.

The playhouses I could almost understand, almost... but these are just plain crazy. I love my dogs, even let them sleep on the foot of my bed, but they sure won't have a house nicer than mine.


Cute pictures, especially the last one of the White Westie in the trailer. I had a cute westie once. Great pup.

I had to chuckle when thinking about dog houses. Our last dog, an English Springer Spaniel named Mollie,stayed outside sometimes in the fenced in back yard. I decided she needed a dog house in case it rained when I was away.
We bought an ordinary dog house of a good size. Mollie just sat outside the dog house and stared at it and would not go inside. I got one of her favorite foods and tossed it inside.
No way Jose, She would not go in. I got down on my hands and knees and CRAWLED IN the doghouse and beckoned for Mollie to join me.

She looked at me in amazement as if I had lost my mind.

We gave the dog house away.


(grins) What Kay said....Arrrrrrgggghhhhh!!!

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