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Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Joy!


This is wonderful. I LOVE it.

Tara R.

Happy Valentine's Day! This was very cute. Thanks for sharing.


Lovely post, Joy. Seriously, maybe we need a program that will spread love around like Spam!

Special thoughts to you on this Day of sincere affection.


Happy Valentine's Day, Joy!
You are amazing and I am so happy that I found you.



That is a wonderful post, true, so true.

Kay Dennison

Excellent!!!! If only it were that simple!!!


Joy, you are great! This is JUST what I needed to read. Love, peace, and kittens to you forever.


Joy, you left a comment for me - but you confused my post with that of Peter in Australia. I've done that before, too.....LOL


Dear Joy ~ ~ Lovely post for St. Valentine's Day. I hope you had a really nice Valentines yourself. Thank you so much for your comments about Sam the koala. That fireman is to get an award from the Animal Rescue people. And Samantha is doing well. I am so relieved that the fires are now under control, unless we get a bad change of wind.I try to put some jokes on to cheer folks who may need cheering. Take care, dear friend -
it is great that so many people from all over are praying for rain for us, and thinking of us.
BTW Peter isn't in Victoria, he is with his daughter Vicki in South Australia. Love you Joy, Merle.


When this tech help is available let me know. I could use an update.


I love this post, Joy. It takes away the sting of calling tech support.

I wish everyone could install love on their PC and in their hearts. Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place?

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