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Well, you've screwed me up too with all these items -- about the germs on the lemon peel -- guess I'll stop dropping them in my water at the restaurant.

Kay Dennison

That makes to of us, Joared!!!! Thanks for making me more paranoid than I was, Joy!!!!! Love ya, girlfriend!!!!


Well, I see you get the same e-mail I get. Very funny!! And to think that some people actually forward this junk. Not so funny. ;(



When I first got online I took each and every one of these emails very seriously! Now- I discard most without reading them!

Some people use the computer ONLY for this purpose!

I never have been one to forward much of this kind of thing!



Hahahahaha ... oh my ... I needed the laughter! I usually 'dump' emails w/o reading them, so these kinds of posts are often new to me. Thanks for sharing ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


That's funny. I had seen part of it before but the last about the mouse was perfect


Darn. You caught me with my hand on my...mouse.


G'day Joy, I'm so pleased to hear that all my emails have been getting through to you, you're still on the list so will get all the warnings that I hear about.


Dear Joy ~~ What a fun list. Some of them are scary. I posted a photo of my friege a few posts ago.
Not much room for more magnets.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.


Well, now you've done it! Sex molester under my car! Oh my!

Cop Car

Thanks for the laught, Joy!


Well, then, I'll just be cursed with a hairy back. (And I still put lemons in my water and tea at restaurants, so there!)

Happy Thanksgiving, Joy!


What a wonderful list!!!
And you can count me in with those who read their email with their hand on their mouse.

And the one that bothers me most is the lemon in the water. I like lemon in water.



I can't stop laughing...this is so funny!

Yep, I read with my hand on my mouse. Funny, I never noticed that before, LOL


Laughing too hard to type - you are the best, Joy. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs and more hugs S. xo


Instructions accepted, I'll pass this post to a least 1 million.

And I shall from this minute wash may hands every single minutes and stop eating food not known from A-Z by me.

I will stop travelling - even to my Office - I will start doing all my work from home - and refer to your post.

LOL - You are Great

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