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Kay Dennison

Beautiful!!! But I would have preferred that they were held elsewhere. Just my take and I'll not get political.


They are awesome and I wish I could be there to see them. I did not see these on any news sites so I am glad you took time to share them with us.



I loved the opening ceremonies. I thought they were spectacular..

I was especially impressed by the way the Olympic torch was lighted. I think everybody was stunned when that athlete went up in the air!

And the fireworks! Well, I suppose if anybody in the World knows about fireworks, it is the Chinese.....

Your pictures were wonderful and added to our appreciation of the
Olympics.......Thanks for posting them..


I loved the opening ceremonies. I slept through some of it - but I thought most of it was spectacular.

The gardens are stunning too.


The gardens are mafnificent. Think of the years it took to grow these bushes and the constant clipping to keep their shape. I don't think any gardener can hold a candle to the Chinese. I give them their due.

The Opening Ceremonies were awesome, but think of the poor people that were displaced so the government could put on this display.


I sat spellbound while watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Those drums and all 2008 people who participated were unreal.
Whoever has the Olympics 4 years from now has a hard act to follow.



I missed the opening ceremonies - I was up in the highlands "doing stuff". Those gardens ARE pretty. I can't imagine how many hours it took to create them!


Incredible pictures, Joy! Wow! Yes, the opening ceremony was fabulous (except I'm kinda sad for the little girl who really sang the song while the "prettier" little girl lip-synced). I can't believe that guy that ran all along the top of the stadium to light the torch! Yikes!


Those gardens are spectacular.
Thank you for sharing those photos with us.

Bear((( )))


Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for posting these. Think of the work...not to mention the TALENT...involved in creating all this.

Mary Chandler

wasn't that ceremony spectacular? Vancouver really has big shoes to fill!!!


Dear Joy ~~ What magnificent gardens
and I hadn't heard a word about them
so do appreciate you posting them.
Michael Phelps is a real champion and has had a great time at Beijing. Best is the world and I doubt if it will occur again, unless he does it next time again. Hope all is well with you my friend. Love always, Merle.


Wow ... these are AMAZING! I'd seen photographs of a few, but this collection is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I watched part of the Opening Ceremonies (and have it recorded to watch as time permits) but I've been so busy watching the events I've not gotten back to it. I'm seriously sleep deprived at this point ... but I can't stop watching.
Hugs and blessings,

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