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How nice to be in the company you keep! I, too, am grateful for those with whom I keep company here on the web.


To be included as one of your friends touches my heart deeply as I feel the same way:)

I love visiting you and that sweet old lady at the keyboard!
(That's my all time favorite picture)

God bless, my friend!


I don't recall how I came upon your site, I do remember the Maxine cartoon was there and has remained there in the upper left corner. She caught my attention and then you capture my heart with your poetry. I'm glad she is still there and I'm glad we have continued our cyber friendship over the years.
You are one sweet lady and I'm still hoping to meet you in person one day.


sniff sniff, and we're going to be neighbors in a week! Awesome. I'm lucky.


And I was just thinking that it was a blessing to have a blogging friend like YOU!


Joy, it's a pleasure to know you through blogging too. You've been really supportive throughout my journey - particularly as a mum. Thanks. It means a lot.


AHH, Joy! What a very sweet post! I'm happy to be on your list of friends, and happy that you are also on my list!




We do get to feeling that we know the people we read regularly and today it was such a shock to go to Winston's site to be told by his wife that he died over the week-end. Two losses so close together. Well many more than that as celebrities seem like someone we know also; so when Tim Russert died and George Carlin, it was also upsetting.

What's going on here? Is it our age? Summer isn't supposed to be about loss. I guess supposed to is a poor phrase to use as there are no supposed to's for loss. With Maya's Granny, the initial heart attack was a shock; but her death, when it came less so, because her daughter had kept us informed (something that means a lot when someone dies this way. Like a friend, we want to know).

Winston's death seemed to come from out of nowhere. And it does seem like the loss of a friend. Nobody else do this for awhile, okay! *s*


Beautiful post, Joy. Our little blog community is a strong one. The loss of Winston is almost unbearable right now. He was our guy! Too sad.


Hi Joy. Indeed a blessing to know you through your blog Joy. You're not only gifted and creative but compassionate and kind...gleaned from your writings. Glad I'd met you on this virtual community. Cheerio and LOL.


I count myself blessed indeed to be among your blogger friends.

I sometimes feel so inadequate when I look at your splendid blog with photos and sidebar links and so forth.

For some unknown reason I am hopeless with anything blog related except the very basics.
Thanks for bearing with me.



Thank you so much Joy for adding me to your list of friends.
It is a real honour to be on your list and you are at the top of mine.
Oh and by the way, I look just like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys (if you stand waaay back on a dark night.)

Well to tell you the truth I do have the sunglasses.


Well said Joy, I think we have all expressed those same thoughts at some time, often when we are feeling low, so I'm certain that each and every one of us appreciates the friendship of our fellow bloggers.


oh my gosh, Joy. Thank YOU for your lovely site and for your blogging friendship. Coming to "see" you is like snuggling down in a comfy chair in front of a warm fire and having coffee and home made cookies. You make me feel so warm and cared about and genuinely happy to be talking with you. How I would LOVE to live next door to you! I'm so glad we found each other...and hope we don't ever lose touch. Thank you for blessing me with your friendship and kind words. Joy, you are heaven-sent to so many. I hope you know that! Bless you and yours always. Val


Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Joy. It is you who is the blessing in so many lives. It is an honor to be counted among your friends. You have been a loving friend and companion on the journey. I cherish you. xo Suzann


That was so well said. I love blogging, and I love getting to "know" so many nice people. One of the nice things is that if you're not happy with the content of some blogs, you don't need to go there. And that's a really good thing.

Thank you for being my "blog friend". It's so nice to know you.


Thank you, Joy, for bringing so much joy and hope into my life. You're a wonderful blogging friend. God bless you. Hopefully, we'll get the chance to meet someday soon. xo


What a lovely post Joy ... and how delighted I am that I stopped by this evening before turning off my NEW COMPUTER (yez ... it arrived on Monday finally) because I'm bleary eyed and exhausted getting things up and running the way I want them. I feel grateful to have happened upon your blog back in October and blessed that you found my very first post ... offering encouragement along with a promise to return, providing me with an incentive to continue. It's been an eventful 8 months and I'm delighted to have you call me friend ... pleased the feeling's mutual between us.
Hugs and blessings,


Friends are indeed a blessing and I am grateful to be included as one of yours and that you are mine.

Paul Nichols

What a well-written and delightful post. Thank you very much. Even if my name hadn't been mentioned, I'd still enjoy this.

You have written what most of us have often thought, but never put into words. Thanks. We love you, too.


Dear Joy ~~ Beautiful post and we feel the same about you. You are a very treasured friend and have been for a very long time. I am so sorry you have lost 2 blogging friends recently and it's OK to cry dear Lady as it does help. Thanks for your e mail and I like the "Hugging my blogging friends just a bit tighter these days." That is so nice.Thank you dear Joy for your friendship and love.
I love you too. Merle.


Joy, I don't get to visit as often as I would like these days, but it's always a treat to see what new poems, pictures and other delightful treats you have posted. I'm so honored to be one of your blogging buddies and be included with such fine writers. You are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for the cheer you share with us.

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